Since almost the dawn of time the LUG Frankfurt has been organizing two monthly meetups: a regular’s table on each second Monday of a month and a (technical) talk on each fourth Tuesday of a month. You find the date of next meetup here.

Our general meetup takes place each second Monday in a month at the restaurant Sandelmühle, An der Sandelmühle 35, 60439 Frankfurt starting around 7 pm (spoken languages include German, English and sometimes Klingon and Romulan based on availability :-) ).

Every fourth Tuesday we meet on the terrace of the restaurant Sandelmühle (for the time being, details cf. above) for our monthly talk on a specific Linux or Free and Open Source Software topic. Most of the talks are delivered in German, but hey, this is an ideal opportunity to brush up your German language skills and to learn about that FOSS topic you always wanted to know more about….


An der Sandelmühle 35
60439 Frankfurt

Telefon: 069 / 57 57 42

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Map of Heddernheim at OpenStreetMap and Google Maps

Ample parking is available in front of the building.

How to get there via public transport (in German) www.ö

From direction Bad Homburg:

Tube » U2, stop: Sandelmühle

Following the tracks just stroll along the road named “An der Sandelmühle” torwards the river; you’ll find the entrance to the car park of the restaurant after around 200 meters.

From the city:

Tube » U1, U2, U3 or U8, stop: Heddernheim

Exit the station near the river Nidda, staying on the left-hand side under the bridge facing backwards / towards the city (sounds more complicated than it actually is). Take a left and follow the road named “An der Sandelmühle” for about 150 meters; the car park of the restaurant is on your righthand side.

Saalbau Gallus
Frankenallee 111
60326 Frankfurt am Main


Map of Gallus quarter at OpenStreetMap and Google Maps

How to get there via public transport (in German) www.ö

A few notes for the meetups

Everbody is more than welcome; these events are about sharing of information and meeting new like-minded people who are FOSS enthusiasts. Even absolute beginners are welcome; we all started where you are now at some stage.

Bring your laptop along if you would like to install Linux or have an issue with a specific piece of software or other trouble running Linux; it’s more than likely that somebody will be able to help you (if you want to install Linux, please ensure that you have a suitable installation media with the distribution of choice with you or make your intentions known via our mailing list in advance).

As it’s custom these days in Germany, all our meetups take place in non-smoking environments, please go outside if you want to smoke.

We have guest wifi access in the Sandelmühle - just ask any of us for details.

Saalbau Gallus / monthly talks

The meetup takes place in room #4. The talks start around 7 pm; please to be on time so that other people can enjoy the presentation without interruptions from people arriving late. After the talk we normally gather in a small restaurant nearby: “Zum Hufnagel”, Hufnagelstraße 12a, 60326 Frankfurt a.M. The restaurant “Zum Hufnagel” is now a Asian restaurant called “Asian Flavors”. We have to check it out …